Author: Rebecca Geracitano

Peace Meditation

This 25 minute, guided meditation offers female voice with gentle chimes to bring the listener to a place of peace, relaxation and comfort. Read and written by Rebecca Geracitano. All rights reserved.

Do not listen to this recording while driving or while operating machinery.  Only listen when you can safely relax, close your eyes and you can bring your full awareness to your own complete comfort.

Past Life Hypnotherapy – WHY?

After working with lots of different healing modalities, such as talk therapy and PTSI therapy, I decided to work on a more spiritual level with concerns and thoughts I had that just wouldn’t go away. So, maybe, I thought that a past life hypnotic healing session would settle the problems that seem to haunt me. I’m so glad I did!

During my past-life regression, there were important dramatic and chaotic events brought to my conscious. However, the significant healing part of the process was in finding peace, forgiveness and love towards all the “characters in my memory”. Finding people throughout my history that loved and cherished me was life affirming.

Look for a qualified, certified, hypnotherapist in your area for your session. It’s a good idea to meet the person and see the office before you have a session, so you know you’ll be comfortable and at ease with the setting and the therapist.

It’s been many months since my hypnotherapy, and I look forward to using Past Life Hypnotherapy again. This time, my intention is to work on other concerns about patterns of relationships that endure. I have no doubt there will be a dramatic and joyful outcome.

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