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What is Regression?

Regression hypnosis involves inducing a trance state with hypnosis and guiding the individual to past events that contain the initial synthesizing event which is then generally experienced more vividly. Encountering these past situations create new meaning and understanding for the individual in their present life. This new awareness can allow him or her a change in perception to their problem or habit creating a space for releasing and healing.

Most individuals are able to experience regression if they are able to relax, focus on the practitioners voice and are open to experiencing the images, feelings and memories of their subconscious mind.

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Why have a Life Between Lives Regression?

Life Between Lives spiritual regression is for those who may have or have not experienced a past life regression but who are ready to go a step further into understanding their present life choices, contracts, patterns and situations. Here the client is regressed to the past life previous to this with any needed fragmentation or forgiveness work, and then on to the inter life (the spirit life experience before this incarnation) where the client may find their soul group, connect with their personal spirit guide(s), and have their prepared list of questions answered by their spirit counsel group. The client can understand and experience their interlife activities of learning and unique activities associated with their main mission and purpose in this life. They can come to understand their own unique pre-birth planning, their soul name and understand their soul contracts with present and past relationships with family, friends, coworkers and other significant people.

The Life Between Lives Process:

The Life Between Lives session first progresses through the current life and womb, before experiencing before regressing further into a past life. The past life is progressed through fully with any needed healing work before moving into the spiritual realm where our soul groups, spirit guide(s), and master council reside to help us understand our contracts in the current life. The Life Between Lives session is client based, meaning I give you the framework and guidance but allows you to move where you need to go. This session allows an understanding of our current karmic situations, relationships, and purpose in life as well as healing of emotional, physical and mental residues.

Trained and certified by National Association of Transpersonal Hypnotherapists by Dr. Allen Chips who worked with Michael Newton, PH.D. and Dee Chips, BSW to develop the Life Between Lives Spiritual Regression certification program.

Books beneficial to read and review by Michael Newton: “Journey of Souls”, Case Studies of Life Between Lives and “Journey of Souls”, New Case Studies of Life Between Lives.

Life Between Lives Spiritual Regression – $275  Session (4-4 1/2 hours) Note: these session typically are 4- 4 1/2 hours, but can go for about 5 hours. There is an extensive amount of information coming through and each individual varies.

The session is recorded and will be downloaded into MP3 files emailed to you after the session. If desired, an audio CD may be downloaded and made at the session before you leave.

Previous to the session you will receive tips on how to prepare and when we meet you will receive further instruction and discussion over your list of questions and goals.

How to pay?

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Life Between Lives Regression $275