What is Regression?

Regression hypnosis involves inducing a trance state (altered state) with hypnosis and guiding the individual to past events that contain the initial synthesizing event which is then generally experienced more vividly. Encountering these past situations can create new meaning and understanding for the individual in their present life. This new awareness can allow him or her a change in perception to their problem or habit creating a space for releasing and healing.

Want to learn more?

Listen to this informative podcast “What is Past Life Regression Work with Rebecca Geracitano” by Roland Achenjang.

Podcast with Rebecca

Most individuals are able to experience regression if they are able to relax, focus on the practitioners voice and are open to experiencing the images, feelings and memories of their subconscious mind. This can be compared to being in a deep meditative state, or an inner focused state.

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Past Life Regression: (Full) $225  Session ( about 3 hours)  Recommended for those new to regression, hypnosis or meditation, or being comfortable with the subconscious mind. You will receive: Spiritual mentoring and guidance in the process before, during or after your session. This is a longer process, and includes; current life, in utero (optional), the in-between for a message (can be extended) and full past life with the intention of honoring, understanding, integration and healing.

$170 Session (2 hours) For clients who are comfortable with the subconscious mind but do not want the extra time for current life work, womb and in-between states. Or for returning clients who want to focus only on past life regression but still with the intention of honoring, understanding and integration with healing work.

The session is recorded and downloaded to an MP3 files emailed to you after the session. If desired, an audio CD can be downloaded and given at the session.

How to pay?

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Why Have a Full Past Life Regression?

Sometimes individuals have had dreams with the quality of past life memories or perhaps they have had a past life reading from a psychic or intuitive. Perhaps they have embarked upon a spiritual journey, have read and practiced aspects of spirituality and have “viewed” what they feel are past life experiences. If any of these experiences resonate, they are ready to re-experience that energy again through a past life regression. A regression may validate the dream, meditation or reading experience by giving them an “aha” as well as experiencing it with several layers of consciousness and emotion, bringing with it a greater amount of healing and understanding. Experiencing past life situations firsthand can help us become aware of current patterns, issues, emotions, habits and people in our life that can lead to forgiveness, understanding of our purpose, and healing on a deeper, inner level.

The full past life process:

Rebecca guides the individual through a peaceful and relaxing trance induction into past personalities and situations. The Past Life regression first progresses through the current life (optional) and womb, before experiencing an opportunity to touch in on the in-between life (the spirit life experience before coming into this life); to connect briefly and receive a message from their spirit guide, soul group, higher self, or even a passed loved one, before regressing further into a past life. The Past Life regression is transpersonal/client based (directed by your subconscious mind) and allows healing of emotional, physical and mental residues as well as self-discovery. Included is an audio recording of your session downloaded to cd or an mp3 file emailed to you, plus post session support for further questions and discovery.