Master Reiki Practitioner Sessions

Basic Reiki Session: 30 minutes $35, 1 hour $60

For Reike sessions contact, Master Reiki Practitioner, Rebecca Geracitano at 502-468-1894 or email her

Reiki with Hypnosis, Regression or Guided Imagery: 30 minutes $45, 1 hour $80.

Each additional half hour requested is $35. (for longer hypnosis or regression, or guided imagery healing work)

Experience a relaxing and healing Usui Reiki session with Rebecca. These sessions can be mixed in with a spiritual mentoring session, as well as with light hypnosis and/or regression and guided imagery healing.  With the additional modalities added, Rebecca will guide her clients into the steps of deep, yogic breathing, relaxation and into a light hypnotic trance for the benefit of helping with issues or goals, or regression to guide clients to connect with, release or honor something from the past.

Guided healing imagery would involve guiding client into a light hypnotic trance and imagery to focus on areas of the body in need of healing and balancing; communicating and affirming healing in the body and in specific areas. Any of the Reiki sessions that involve hypnosis, regression or guided imagery can include clearing the chakras using crystals (please request) and will help clients attain deeper levels of calm, focus, clarity and peace which in turn assists the body in healing itself.