Simple Three Minute Meditation

Find a quiet place without distractions where no one will disturb you. You can do this wherever you are.

First Minute: Breathe deeply through your nose, filling and expanding your lungs. Pause and count to two, then exhale fully counting to three, releasing your breath and any tension.  Do ten sets of these deep, cleansing breaths as your body and mind relaxes and becomes calmer and more peaceful. Then just notice your quiet breath.

Second Minute: Continue with your breaths, but more naturally and smoothly, and bring to mind a word that represents a quality you would like to bring into your life today, such as calm, peace, or clarity. Imagine you can breathe in this word and bring it down to your heart or abdomen area; try to “feel” or “know” what this word represents. Continue to breathe, allowing this feeling to expand throughout your body and mind. Be present with the feeling, becoming quieter and still. Go back to your breath and intention if your mind wanders.

Third Minute: Perhaps express thanks and words of gratitude for this short reprieve that you deserve. You could imagine extending this new calm energy to others in need or back to yourself to renew and re-energize. Bring yourself back.

Be gentle with yourself. Start with three minutes and then expand your 2nd minute a little at a time. Aim for 5-10 minutes.

Practicing meditation is a good way to prepare for hypnosis, regression, and Reiki.

Rebecca Geracitano MHt.

For a printable copy of this meditation, click here.