Many thanks of gratitude for the wonderful clients I have assisted over the years. Here are some of the great things they have accomplished and what they’ve said about my services.

I will do everything I can to make sure you’re a satisfied client too!

Weight Control:

Before making my appointment with Rebecca, I was a skeptic and self-doubter and I wondered if hypnotherapy could be helpful in the battle I waged with my self-control. I put off making the step into hypnotherapy for a while and finally when I did I never looked back on my previous failures with control issues.
Why does it take so long to do the one thing that can make all the difference in the world to a person’s life and struggles?

I have worked with my inner self for years and was limitedly successful. I am so overwhelmed and pleased with the changes that I see in me that I want hypnosis for everyone.

Linda Powell, Louisville, KY – September 2016

Released the Smoking Habit:

After smoking for more than 30 yrs, I’m not really sure I thought I would ever quit. I tried many methods over the years including group hypnosis, acupuncture, Chantix, nicotine patches, vaping to “slowly cut back”, cold turkey but nothing worked! I always had that internal struggle, the bargaining with myself, the wanting / not wanting, obsessive tug of war called will power that I was not strong enough to overcome.

I hadn’t tried individual hypnosis. I figured I had nothing to lose so, I did an internet search and found Rebecca. Today, September 11, 2018, I am 6 mos smoke free!!!! What the hypnosis did for me was take away the need for will power (the one thing I felt held me back all the other times)! I was no longer obsessing over cigarettes! I remember waking up the morning after the hypnosis with the phrase ” don’t need it, don’t want it” going through my mind. I found the take home CD of my session VERY helpful. I am incredibly grateful for the opportunity to work with Rebecca to kick the habit forever!

Janisse Corral, Lagrange, Ky – September 2018

Quantum Healing Regression:

The session I experienced with Rebecca was amazing! It answered questions for me that I had struggled with/wondered about for years. She has the ability to make you feel completely comfortable so you are able to focus at an entirely different level. I can’t explain the peace and resolve I felt after our meeting!

We are so conditioned by the beliefs we grow up with that it spills over into how we perceive everything in our life. There is so much more!! If God is nudging you in this direction or you (like I did) have an urging from your spirit to go deeper into who you are (and your purpose here) then please give Rebecca a call. It just may change your life!!!

JR Owens, Louisville, KY – October 2016

As a newly “awakened” yet skeptical person, I was hesitant on how I would react to being hypnotized. I had a lot of questions in regards to my life’s purpose and I was on the search for some answers. Leading up to meeting Rebecca was a fast succession of synchronicities. I had just finished reading “Keepers of the Garden” by Dolores Cannon and KNEW that being hypnotized to find out who I am and why I came here was the way to go about discovering those answers.

As it turned out, I had already been invited to one of Rebecca’s mediation classes at the Rainbow Blossom before knowing who she was. Fast forward two weeks and there I was sitting in her welcoming office in a big comfortable chair and feeling more relaxed by the minute.

Rebecca’s encouraging voice helped me to go deeper into hypnotic state than I thought would be possible and the experience I had was nothing short of a miracle. As someone who has battled severe depression for 15 years I now have hope and purpose for my future. I discovered who I am outside of this body, why I came here, and what my purpose in life is. Just imagine knowing the answers of life’s ultimate questions! I can’t thank her enough for this experience.

Hillori Sullivan, Louisville, Kentucky
September 2015

Current Life Regression:

Rebecca has been an amazingly effective person in helping me deal with life’s happenings. She radiates warmth, compassion and authenticity. I have grown greatly from her mentorship. Rebecca’s healing talents and wisdom has been a great blessing in my life.

Linda Saucier., Louisville, Kentucky

Hypnosis for Sleep Issues:

It started in young adulthood – night terrors, sleep paralysis – sometimes up to twenty episodes a night. I would often lie there, unable to sleep, because I was terrified of having episodes. It must have been genetic because it goes back two generations that I know of, I just had it the worst. I was a zombie during the day. Medication only made it easier to fall asleep after episodes, but it didn’t make them go away. Rebecca did a lot of research on those conditions, figured out what was happening in the brain during these episodes, then inverted it into positive suggestion. We did one session in the office, which she recorded on CD. I transferred it to my MP3 player and listened to it four times a week before bed for a couple of months. I now listen to it just twice a month. I keep talking about it because I am amazed that after all these years it was resolved so simply.

Suzanne D., Louisville, Kentucky

Past Life Regression:

Although I had experienced other past life regressions before meeting Rebecca, she introduced me to a whole, new experience of releasing my deep-seated emotions causing unnecessary anxiety and fear. My past life regression showed me how to embrace my authentic self and to see more clearly. Rebecca’s soothing voice and inimitable presence capture the essence of why I chose her to explore my most personal journey to my subconscious mind. She engaged me and moved me to a place of undeniable truth of who I am. It was a very beautiful experience.

“With Love and Gratitude”, Tara
August 2015

My past life healing regression with Rebecca was both profound and centering. Having no idea what I was getting into – I was surprised with the many images and correlations that were brought to mind. Weeks later and I am still pondering additional insights to the experience. Rich in healing and gentle understanding may be a good description of the outcome! I am very grateful for the experience and recommend Rebecca as a spiritual counselor and hypnotherapist – she’s kind, open minded and wise.

Lee Ann – April 2016

Past Life Regression and Dream Work:

Rebecca creates an atmosphere of total trust, warmth and acceptance. My experience with a past-life regression was one of the most amazing events of my life to date. Not only did it help me decide that I now believe in reincarnation; it allowed for a much deeper and greater understanding of who I am and who I once was—and how those two beings are now coming together. It explained a great deal about current emotions and behaviors during a time of identity transformation. The entire process in the office took perhaps 2 hours— reliving my past life felt like 20 minutes. I felt the energy of that and learned from it for a long time thereafter.

Rebecca is also skilled in the area of dream work. She assisted me with at least three major dream interpretations which allowed me to see current life events in a deeper way. She also emphasized the importance of writing them down on paper in as much detail as possible—which assists in learning the meaning.

Les., Louisville, Kentucky

Hypnosis For Weight Reduction:

Working with Rebecca was a very pleasant experience. Using a combination of her techniques, I was very successful in my weight reduction. I wanted to lose 15 pounds and ended up losing 30 instead!

My cravings and desires for junk foods has completely disappeared, it’s amazing! I would highly recommend Rebecca, for anyone wanting to lose weight.

Alfred, Louisville, Kentucky

Life Between Lives Regression:

Rebecca is truly remarkable! I had an experience that went right for and resolved the issues I wanted to heal. I felt very comfortable and at peace with the whole process and would highly recommend her services. She made herself available to me and answered every question I had so that I was sure to get the most out of my session.

Thank you Rebecca, Sincerely, Catherine.




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