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Regression hypnosis involves inducing a trance state with hypnosis and guiding the individual to past events that contain the initial synthesizing event which is then generally experienced more vividly. Encountering these past situations create new meaning and understanding for the individual in their present life. This new awareness can allow him or her a change in perception to their problem or habit creating a space for releasing and healing.

Most individuals are able to experience regression if they are able to relax, focus on the practitioners voice and are open to experiencing the images, feelings and memories of their subconscious mind.

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Current Life Regression

Regression work allows an individual to go back to an event(s) in this life that hold the initial synthesizing event, emotions or energy that’s been carried into the present. Often old wounds, events and/or misperceptions have lain in the subconscious for so long they have become deeply and unconsciously ingrained. We then have little or no idea why we react to situations and relationships in the way we do.

Some individuals want to enter regression to explore and re-experience past situations; perhaps spiritual experiences, dreams or occurrences that happened early in life that they don’t quite remember or understand. Here one can expect to recover memories that are empowering and healing.

Regression can bring awareness of past situations in order to gain a new perspective, and to heal and release old residues so one can move forward with more clarity and purpose.

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Past Life Regression

Why Have a Past Life Regression?

Sometimes individuals have had dreams with the quality of past life memories or perhaps they have had a past life reading from a psychic or intuitive. Perhaps they have embarked upon a spiritual journey, have read and practiced aspects of spirituality and have “viewed” what they feel are past life experiences. If any of these experiences resonate, they are ready to re-experience that energy again through a past life regression. A regression may validate the dream, meditation or reading experience by giving them an “aha” as well as experiencing it with several layers of consciousness and emotion, bringing with it a greater amount of healing and understanding. Experiencing past life situations firsthand can help us become aware of current patterns, issues, emotions, habits and people in our life that can lead to forgiveness, understanding of our purpose, and healing on a deeper, inner level.

The Full Past Life process:

Rebecca guides the individual through a peaceful and relaxing trance induction into past personalities and situations. The Past Life regression first progresses through the current life (optional) and womb, before experiencing an opportunity to touch in on the inbetween life (the spirit life experience before coming into this life); to connect briefly and receive a message from their spirit guide, soul group, higher self, or even a passed loved one; before regressing further into a past life. The Past Life regression is transpersonal/client based (directed by your subconscious mind) and allows healing of emotional, physical and mental residues as well as self-discovery. Included is an audio recording of your session downloaded to cd or an mp3 file emailed to you, plus post session support for further questions and discovery.

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Life Between Lives Regression

Why have a Life Between Lives Regression?

Life Between Lives spiritual regression is for those who may have or have not experienced a past life regression but who are ready to go a step further into understanding their present life choices, contracts, patterns and situations. Here the client is regressed to the past life previous to this with any needed fragmentation or forgiveness work, and then on to the inter life (the spirit life experience before this incarnation) where the client may find their soul group, connect with their personal spirit guide(s), and have their prepared list of questions answered by their spirit counsel group. The client can understand and experience their interlife activities of learning and unique activities associated with their main mission and purpose in this life. They can come to understand their own unique pre-birth planning, their soul name and why they have the present relationships with family, friends, coworkers and other significant people.

The Life Between Lives Process:

The Life Between Lives session first progresses through the current life and womb, before experiencing an opportunity to touch in on the inter life or higher self before regressing further into the past life before this life. The past life is progressed through fully with needed healing work before moving into the spiritual realm where our soul groups, spirit guide(s), and master council reside to help us understand our contracts in the current life. The Life Between Lives session is client based and allows an understanding of our current karmic situations, relationships, and purpose in life as well as healing of emotional, physical and mental residues. Included is an audio recording of your session downloaded to cd or an mp3 file emailed to you, plus post session support for further questions and discovery.

Trained and certified by National Association of Transpersonal Hypnotherapists by Dr. Allen Chips who worked with Michael Newton, PH.D. and Dee Chips, BSW to develop the Life Between Lives Spiritual Regression certification program.

Books beneficial to read and review by Michael Newton: “Journey of Souls”, Case Studies of Life Between Lives and “Journey of Souls”, New Case Studies of Life Between Lives.

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Quantum Healing Hypnosis Regressions

Why have a Quantum Healing Regression?

Quantum Healing Hypnosis Therapy Regression is a unique method of going through a past life regression or “wherever there is information”, that will assist the individual in understanding the patterns and experiences in this life.  This process takes the individual a step further by contacting the “super subconscious mind” or over soul, that part of us that knows all of our life solutions and answers to our problems, issues and health challenges. Here one may expect to learn needed steps to take for various life issues in order to attain healing and purpose. It is possible to attain instantaneous healing of certain conditions if ones higher self or spirit guides ascertains that one has learned what is needed from the condition.

The Quantum Healing Process:

The Quantum Healing Hypnosis Regression session first progresses to a current or past life where the root event occurred related to the problem, issue or goal. The current or past life is progressed through fully with needed healing work before contacting the subconscious or over soul that knows everything about us to assist with karmic understanding or healing of our relationships, physical issues, and any other life situation that requires healing. Here we will use the list of prepared questions the individual brings to the session in order to ask the subconscious Included is an audio recording of your session downloaded to cd or mp3 file emailed to you, plus post session support for further questions and discovery.

I was honored to have been trained in level 1 and 2 by Dolores herself before her transition in September 2014. Books beneficial to read and review by Dolores Cannon include “Between Life and Death” and “Five Lives Remembered” among many others Dolores has written. You can find out more information about Quantum Healing Hypnosis Technique Regression at

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