Spiritual Mentoring: 

Rebecca’s experience with Spiritual mentoring focuses on understanding, listening and honoring the varied and many spiritual and exceptional human experiences we all have. A number of tools can be offered to support the client to include dream work, hypnosis, meditation, Reiki, aura and chakra clearing, expansion and protection, and assistance in designing and following a daily spiritual discipline.

Following a daily spiritual practice enhances intuition, sharpens latent psychic and telepathic skills, and elevates vibrational frequencies, allowing clients to establish and honor their own inner guidance system. In an integrative way, Rebecca’s initiative is to assist and teach the client to live beyond the mental, emotional and physical aspects and live their present life situations fully with a body, mind, and spirit approach.

Dream Guidance Sessions: 

Rebecca mentors and guides the client in understanding his or her dream by using a combination of steps created by Carl Jung and Montague Ullman, M.D. Other techniques involve creative writing, meditation, and dream incubation, and journeying with dream patterns. Rebecca also uses Gestalt techniques and regresses the client back to their dream to allow the dreamer to feel and comprehend the energies presented in the original dream. Session can be recorded if desired.

Meditation and Guided Imagery Healing: 

Rebecca mentors and guides clients into the steps of deep, yogic breathing, relaxation and guided imagery to obtain higher levels of healing, calm, focus, clarity and peace and to attain positive and affirming thoughts. Session may be recorded if desired.

Guided Imagery Healing: 

Similar to a hypnosis session, this session guides the client with imagery and focus on areas of the body in need of healing and balancing. Session may be recorded if desired.

Sessions are $150 (2 hours) 

Included are handouts and audio recording if desired